Pob – Garonne is the first shock of the season. Saturday, Beauséjour will vibrate because the Sablais could afford a significant joker. Julian Lewis has already shown his talent in preparation matches. This time, it’s his first official in Beauséjour for the American. The first shock! Garonne comes to challenge the Pays des Olonnes Basketball hall Beauséjour on Saturday.

This week, it is necessary to refine every detail to successfully stop the No. 1 rival of the Sables-d’Olonne players. The Meilhan players land at Les Sables-d’Olonne with the desire to catch up. Since beaten once, unlike the Sablais.

Saturday at Le Mans, the Pob was intractable over time. Manhandled by Jalt in the first quarter (18-22), Lessort and its partners advanced, like a steamroller to ensure a fourth consecutive success (83-70). Sure of their basketball despite an obvious clumsiness at the shots.

Lewis premiere
Julian Lewis will make his first official appearance at Beauséjour. In Mancelle, the American made a good entry, confirming his good dispositions and his ability to put himself at the service of the team. An additional asset for Guillaume Pons .

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