Julian Lewis, from the hand of the Daimiel Basketball Club, gave a clinic last Sunday to the young players from Daimiel. The call was a resounding success with about a hundred registered who could share the track with Julian as well as with several players from the EBA team, 2nd Women CLM and 1st Autonomic.

The Clinic was divided into two halves. During the first part, technical concepts such as passing, bouncing and shooting were taught. Each group, selected by age, moved between the 6 tracks that the CB Daimiel organization arranged for the occasion and in this way all the children were able to work according to their level and with the different monitors.


The second part was devoted to shooting and skill competitions, where our young players were able to show their ball skills and their success in shooting.


Finally, everyone was able to play a series of matches where the monitors also mixed among the teams, making both children and adults enjoy the experience.


Julian Lewis prepared a video with the content of the clinic, which we leave you at the following link on the CB Daimiel YouTube channel -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXtVX8viJEg

To see all the photos of the clinic, click on the following link -> https://www.flickr.com/photos/148067511@N08/albums/72157708275746355/with/46989759384/

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